As the title said, there will be a few plan to revive my old blog. The main reason is to earn some money. So please support me, I appreciate your visit and comment on what I post on it.
Changes and new topics will be uploaded soon. Still on the planning phase.
Let's talk about PS3...

How was it? 1 word describe it



Because of the
JUNE E3!!!!

Lately E3 has announce some new games,

First and for all for Final Fantasy Fans,
There will be a Final Fantasy 14 online coming out soon!!

Try imagine how will the game be when playing online with so high quality graphic

Next on, yeah man Assassin's Creed 2

Notice what is the difference with assasin's creed 1?

God Of War 3

Here is a list of games so far I owned with my friends

Infamous (the best game in PS3 so far)
Resident Evil 5
Metal Gear Solid 4
Fifa 2009
Pro Evo 2009
Street Fighter 4
Wolverine (dont buy this)

Future game list

Final Fantasy 13
Final Fantasy 14 online
God of War 3
Assassin's Creed 2
Need for Speed : Shift

Btw, I am going to get Wii as well and also a new PC, I will post it up when I bought it
Hi Guys and Girls, I am back again here, maybe is because too boring
Forgive for late update, recently been working full day.
Here a few for photos to remind how I look like now,
Is a ball 2 months ago. As well some leng lui pics. Slowly enjoy

The right side is a France guy name Thierry

2 leng luis!!

ABC gal~~lol

France Girls

My favourite pic

Korean girl beside me, hehe!!

My dai sou

Come back from work, on facebook and listen to the song...all of a sudden feel so sad... idea how to control myself...

白天5pm醒来,梳洗完毕,吃“早餐”,会家online, 打ps3, 吃晚餐,看download下来的movie,



Today, I drop my tears... listen to just a song and after watch a horror movie ... =.=

the song is 一句话... ...

I think it drop because my mother's words that make me think about it, today I contact with her in msn.

I was playing PS3 that time and my mother ask me to find a girl friend in US =.=
The reason she ask me to find a gf so summer holiday wont be so boring =.=
So, I drop because it reminds me that I am single and somemore with the song....

However, I stun a while and you know how I reply my mum?

mai ka li kong...pi pikir sendiri
To all my families and friends,

Great news today,

I am not going to back Malaysia on this coming summer =.=
Due to my father, I am forced to stay here for 3 months holiday without things to do


We shall meet in the next year May 2010...sayonara........................

Recorrect maybe is 2011 very hard to say that time... I may get my internship